My name's Erik. I'm from southern California. I like nature, guitars, amplifiers, pedals, skateboarding, cities, the Kansas City Chiefs, history, Los Doyers, and the vegan straight edge.



Faraquet Cut Self Not

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really into my denim jacket guys!

pic(s) or it didn’t happen

pic(s) or it didn’t happen

Bought a denim jacket today for $10 bux

Whenever I explain to people that I think A Serbian Film is actually a really good movie (reminding said people that it’s not like I enjoy seeing f’d up crap, but I appreciate them in the greater context that is the story), I feel like they think I’m a heartless sicko.

But when I explain how AWESOME the theme song is, people get real chill.

It’s weird that there’s people who have the same viewpoints as I do, but sometimes they portray them so arrogantly that it makes me want to disagree with those same ideas that we have in common.


Body negativity. I don’t have a body

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Nas Get Down

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